Being an expat can at times be very lonely. Many struggle to integrate themselves into the culture of their new country and into the social networks of the locals. Especially, in countries like Cambodia where the people are often conservative and can be quite shy. This can make it difficult to build friendships and even harder to find love in Cambodia.

In this article, we’ll be listing 5 ways our free site makes dating in Cambodia easier. One of the ways our site makes it easier to find love in Cambodia is by providing a platform where those looking to date can meet and mingle online, which helps to cut out some of the guesswork!

1. Find potential matches faster

Due to the conservative nature of Cambodian dating culture, it can often be hard to tell the singles apart from the happily married. Our platform provides an easy solution for Cambodians and foreigners looking to meet online.

2. Be exposed to people you otherwise would not have met.

Online dating allows you to meet people outside of your current social network. Traditionally dating has relied heavily on friendship groups and word of mouth in order for matches to be made e.g. a friend matching you with one of their single colleagues. Through our dating site, you can meet single men and women in Cambodia who’s paths you otherwise wouldn’t have crossed.

3. Meet people safely online and get to know them before meeting them in person

Online dating allows you to “try before you buy”. Essentially you can chat with your potential date and get to know a bit about them before you decide to go on a date with them.

4. Find Your Perfect Match

If you have particular requirements about the kind of person you’d like to date, then online dating makes this SO much easier. Maybe you’re strictly looking for someone within 3 years of your own age, or someone who has similar interests to you, or someone who shares the same faith as you. Whatever it is, you can quickly filter or work out if your potential date meets your “criteria”.

5. Get an idea of what a person is looking for in the relationship

Some are looking for long meaningful relations, others are just looking for something a bit…shorter term. Some just want to make friends online and immerse themselves in other cultures. When it comes to meeting people online, not everyone is looking for the same thing, and people can sometimes get hurt when there are misunderstandings. Through online dating, you can get a better sense of what the other person is looking for before you agree to meet up.

We truly believe that there is someone out there for everyone. Our free dating site makes finding that special someone just that little bit easier. Setting up an account is very simple and you can be up and running on our site in a matter of minutes. To learn more click here.