There’s nothing more disappointing, and embarrassing (and just plain…awkward) than showing up for a date only to find out that the person is not who they say they are. On our dating site we always remove and ban any accounts we suspect to be fake, however, we do still recommend that our online users remain vigilant and learn to recognise the tell-tale signs of a fake profile.

Take a look at their photos

There are a few signs that you might find from looking at the photos on a person’s account. One of the big indicators is a profile picture that looks like it could be a stock photo. Stock photos are often very easy to identify and tend to look a bit too perfect. These are photos that have clearly been taken in a studio with professional lighting and often in front of a plain white or grey background.

A professional looking photo isn’t always a sure sign of a fake account, so we recommend also using a reverse image search to check if the picture appears on multiple websites. Chances are if it does, the account is fake. Here’s how you can do that using google images:

First go to and click the small camera icon in the search bar.

google images

Either upload the profile image file (after first downloading it from the site), or paste the image address into the window. To copy an image address simply go to the website, right click on the image, and press “copy image address” in the drop down.

google image search

Google will return a list of websites that all contain the image. If you come across multiple unrelated, websites that feature the image then it is likely a stock photo.

google result

The other thing you can look at is the number of photos. Often when someone is operating through a fake account, they post very few photos to minimise the risk of being caught out, however, again this is not a sure indicator of a fake account.

Are there many empty sections on their profile?

Someone who is serious about dating and meeting people online will understand the importance of completing all the sections on their profile page. Often when you see a profile with no description and many unfilled sections, it indicates that either the person is not serious about dating anyway, or potentially it could mean their account is fake.

On we prompt all users to complete all sections on their profile.

Generic messages

Often fake accounts will use scripts and prewritten messages to draw people in to either giving them money, an email address or maybe even agreeing to meet them. Someone who truly is interested in dating will never ask for money, additional contact details, and often they’ll have been talking to you for a while before they even suggest meeting up. A person operating through a fake account might rush into asking you for these things, at which point you should turn and run for the door!


Does their story hold up?

Maybe they said one thing in their profile description and now they’re saying something else in their messages. Ask them about it and see what they say, there may be a simple explanation. If you aren’t satisfied with the answer they give and it feels like they are trying to recover from their mistake, then that could be another indicator that the person is operating through a fake account.

Listen to your hunches! If you are suspicious of something or someone, you should not ignore these feelings. Hold off on meeting that person until you are sure about them, and be sure to follow our 5 rules for a safe and successful first date, which you can read here.

Do also bear in mind that you are meeting someone new and from a different part of the world, it does take time to build trust and really get to know the other person, so don’t be too quick to write someone off. The vast majority of users on our site are genuine and are simply searching for love in Cambodia.

We hope you found this article helpful, and that the information we’ve provided will allow you to have a positive experience while dating online. Are you searching for love in Cambodia? Sign up on our free dating site in a matter of minutes, and start chatting with Cambodian singles near you!